Creative Logistic Services is a 3PL (third-party logistics) company providing flexible warehouse management, order fulfillment, back office and accounting services. Established in 2002, we specialize in fashion logistics, apparel distribution and accessories order fulfillment. Retail, wholesale and e-commerce companies rely on us to handle a broad scope of their business processes.


End-to-End Supply Chain Management


What sets us apart from other logistics providers is that we provide end-to-end solutions that are tailored specifically to suit your requirements. You have access to everything you need for your business in one place…a flexible, one-stop supply chain management logistics solution. Our experienced staff ensures absolute accuracy and reliability in every interaction.


Tech-Savvy With RFID Technology


We are a tech-savvy company that stays on top of the latest developments. We deliver those advantages to you, helping to streamline and automate order fulfillment.

For instance, while many 3PL companies are still using bar code scanning or UPC scanning, we are at the forefront of advanced scanning technologies with our RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system. Inventory that used to take days to manually receive and check-in can now be done in minutes. Our state-of-the-art system seamlessly and cost-effectively moves goods through your supply chain. Equally important, it allows you to adjust your supply chain quickly to capitalize on changing market demand. 

Creative, Personal Approach


When we become your strategic partner, we set out to eliminate your distribution and back office challenges…and save you time and money. We address your business needs with a personal touch and a “Can Do!” attitude that is part of our corporate DNA. If you need 5,000 jackets delivered by tomorrow evening, we get to work immediately. When the task seems impossible, you can count on us. 

New York Metro Area Location


Based in Carlstadt, NJ, our 310,000 square foot warehouse is located within the New York Metropolitan hub with easy access to major airports, railways, and seaports. We also have strategic partners in California, Florida and other states to fulfill your warehousing needs in these regions.